Brazoria's Internet Connection

Dialup DSL Service
Up to 56k (Low Productivity) 384k (Moderate Productivity) 768k (High Productivity)
$10.95 per month -
unlimited access
$29.95 a month -
unlimited access
$44.95 a month -
unlimited access
  • Spam Filtering
  • Virus Protection
  • No Setup Fee
  • $95.00 for installation (waived if you sign a one year contract)
  • Early termination fee is $95.00
  • Spam Filtering
  • Virus Protection



Website Hosting Starting at $14.95
Have a website you want on the Web? We can host it for you.

Brazoria I-Net has a very large pipe to the Internet plus the security and backup services you deserve.
Other Options Available
Additional Web Storage - $5.00 per month (10 meg)
Additional Email - $3.00 per month
DNS Registration - Call for pricing


It is important to mention that your line speed (bandwidth) is guaranteed from the modem to your Internet Service Providers's (ISP) equipment. It is not possible to guarantee a line speed anywhere outside of the ISP's network. The Internet is a "best-effort" service.

Texas Law Requires

Texas state law requires a link to sites or sources where you can obtain software you can use to block certain content on the Internet from reaching your computer. 

Click here for more information on blocking software.